Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IWSG: July 2014: I've Invented Time Travel

I haven't posted since mid-May. Wow. Time flies. Let's see if I can remember how to do this.

Back when Geocities was futuristic and AOL was the only internet most Americans knew of, Alex J Cavanaugh dreamed of giving writers across the globe access to therapy. It took a while for technology to catch up with his vision, but now, nearly a century later, here we are.

I watched that movie with Tom Cruise a few weeks ago. The one that's half Groundhog Day and half Saving Private Ryan and half Halo (the video game) and it made me dream of having that do over button that the movie explored so well.

I mean, the do over button is getting killed, so it's not easy, and there's that interpretation of quantum theory that states that we're all immortal (don't ask, it's weird). So it occurs to me that I actually have do over button. I write down words. Those words suck. I get to delete them and try again. And keep writing and deleting and writing those words until I get them right.

It's like I've actually invented time-travel. So, the conundrum: How do you know when you've accomplished the mission? As time has gone on, that has increasingly become my dilemma. I've become stuck in a cycle of writing and rewriting, much like Tom Cruise, and Bill Murray before him.

I'm trapped.

Happy IWSG day, guys.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Z is for… wait, is this thing over?

I never did a Z post for the A-Z Blogging challenge. I came limping over that finish line on fumes. Apparently just enough fumes to only see the finish line, not actually cross it. But, honestly, sometimes it feels really good to quit things. So, yay.

There were several things I wanted to bring up today, but upon attempting to write them, I realized I had way too many things to talk about. So, after some self-editing, I thought I’d narrow it down to three.*

·         I'M A MEMBER of the IWM group blog, and contributor to the monthly mag. I continue to be, not only impressed with the contributions of others, but so much so, that I can’t figure out why they haven’t kicked me out yet.

For the very first ANNUAL of the magazine, the editors are asking for your best time-travel stories to be submitted to the mag. From the submissions, real money will be given to those stories selected as winning entries. Actual money they can be spent, I’m told. Not soda money either, but $15 for the winner, and $10 for the runner up. So dust off that old time-travel epic and send it on over <Click here for the details>

Although I'm not eligible for prizes, I'll be submitting.

·         THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 has been out for more than a week. One of the kids in the house (have I mentioned we have a family of 4 living with us now? They’re pretty cool, with our boys being older and never around, it’s nice to have people in the house) watched the last Spider-Man last week with me.

And I suck at reviewing stuff, this is no exception. But like most americans, I don't let my inability to do something interfere with me doing it anyway, and expecting an audience. I feel like that the 2012 flick was a much better movie than the second installment, but am amazed at how, in the second movie, the director so perfectly nailed Spider-Man’s comic book look, character, and gave us the best Comic Book love story I’ve ever seen on film. Marc Webb gets the emotions perfect. The actual action-y plot part though… it’s a bit of a mess, and the more I think of it, the more I feel like all that is frustratingly poorly done. Still, the characters and the small moments make this film worth watching.

·         AND DID ANYONE ELSE see this adorable little film that popped up over the internet recently. Best 5 minutes I’ve seen in a while. Great stuff!

And that’s pretty much it. The new Rusty has almost no control over his schedule anymore. I’m a tornado of entropy, everything I touch turning immediately into chaos. Anyone who stops by has my sincere thanks.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Y is for Yo, Check This Out

A-Z stuff. Trying to get done. Caption if you wish
"Keep your eyes up top, buddy."

X is for Xtra Late

Right here at the very end, I'm losing my ability to keep up... is this the end of the month? I don't understand, I have letters left. I'll try to post so quickies until I get to Z.

Oh, and this is the A-Z Bogging challenge. You know, caption the sketch below, make it funny, and use the letter X in there somewhere... anywhere... if you want to.

Recall that our Hairy Warrior is facing down a horde of villainous types as they charge towards him in an apocalyptical type showdown.

"Harry and the Henderson's? Yes, I've heard of it, why do you ask?"

Monday, April 28, 2014

W is for Wesley's Revenge

It's W for me in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. The goal this month is for you, dear reader, to caption my sketch below. Make it funny. Use a W prominently if you want, at this point, I just want funny and don't care much for anything else.

The hairy warrior, alone and on the hill, finds the demons of his past have come back to collect on his past deeds.

"I think the guy you're all looking for is just over the hill... keep running, he's bound to turn up!"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

V is for Vulgar Antagonism.

Is it V day? I really have no idea, I know it's not for other people, but I didn't look before I started writing this to see what yesterday was. So, I think it's V.

And as part of this A-Z Challenge, I'm asking you to caption the sketch below. Make it funny, and use a noun beginning with the letter V, if you want to unlock the bonus content (which is much like the normal content, except that it gets called bonus).

For context, this month the hairy warrior has run across a real motley crew of folks he's punched out, now, thanks to the time-manipulator, he's on top of a mountain and faced with them all!!

"Hello, my name is Victor Montoya... you cut off my pet's horn, prepare do die."

Friday, April 25, 2014

U is for The Unconventional Warrior

It's day U for me in the A- Z Blogging Challenge. I am barely treading water with this thing right now. Oh well, it's the home stretch. I'll get there.

I'd actually sketched TWO images for today's post, but the first was so bad I scrapped it and started over. That doesn't happen to me too often. I tend to be relatively consistent in my artsy things, nothing amazing usually comes from it, but nothing so bad I just have to chuck it as too flawed to continue. But it happened this time.

So, today it appears the hairy warrior, weaponless and tired from being whisked through time by the thingy he found a week so ago, has stumbled onto an unconventional warrior. What's going to happen next???

Anyway, remember that I need this CAPTIONED!! Give me something good here. Funny is best, and a noun starting with a U is best, although, if it ends up being an adjective or adverb, that's cool too.

"See?" The Unconventional Warrior screamed into the night, "I can still fit nicely into my old gym pants."